CNN Democratic Town Hall: Clinton and Sanders Fight for Minority Voters

TheWrap brings you the funniest jabs from the Twitterverse

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It was a big week of political events that kicked off Tuesday night with the CNN Democratic Town Hall from South Carolina, followed by the GOP caucuses in Nevada.

Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton in last weekend’s Nevada Democratic caucuses, and was hoping to turn things around during the CNN Town Hall, the last before the South Carolina primary.

“New Day” co-host Chris Cuomo moderated the event with both Sanders and Clinton making their closing arguments before South Carolina voters.

Did the Vermont senator slow down former secretary of state’s momentum? Did it make a difference? You don’t need to search Twitter for the best real-time commentary on the Internet. TheWrap had you covered.

4:56: People are getting ready for the the fight…

5:04: Are you #FeelingtheFlameBern?

5:02: Sanders opened by talking about how close he is to Clinton.

“It is kind of mind blowing the progress we’ve made over the last nine months,” Sanders said. “When we began we were 3 percent in the polls and to be honest most people considered us a fringe campaign.”

5:06: Sanders is asked whether he would release his paid speeches. “Here it is,” he told Cuomo. “There ain’t none.”

5:10: The first question went to a woman who spoke for a long, long time…

5:19: Sanders on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement: “We have been dealing in the last seven years with an unprecedented level of obstructionism against President Obama.”

He went on to say, “My dad, as I mentioned, came from Poland. I’m running for president. Guess what? Nobody has asked for my birth certificate.”

5:24: Bernie’s had some good zingers tonight. Asked whether he thought Trump’s birther argument was motivated by racism, he said, “I’m not a psychoanalyst, and boy would a psychoanalyst have an interesting time with Donald Trump.”

Line got a big laugh.

5:29: Bernie talked price of prescription medication. “Do we have the guts to take on the power of the insurance companies. Do we have the guts to take on the pharmaceutical industry who has 1,300 paid lobbyists?”

5:35: People were liking Sanders’ performance tonight…

5:37: Oh oh… Bernie means business. He stood up when asked about Clinton’s attack line calling him a “single-issue candidate.” He described his own rallies as “the longest, most boring discussions in the history of politics,” adding that he talks for an hour an a half.  He added that Clinton might be nervous.

5:38: Not everyone liked the moderator…

5:48: We think this guy is joking.

5:58: Sanders is done. Clinton is up next…

5:59: Meanwhile…

6:02 Clinton is asked about her momentum, and said she’ll work hard on each and every contest.

6:03: Clinton was asked about releasing transcripts of her paid speeches. Again, she said she’ll release them when everyone else does, adding that that includes all the Republican candidates.

“I have been upfront and strong on this issue for some time,” she said.

But some people aren’t buying…

6:11: Clinton showed some serious foreign policy chops. She talked about Syria and how to handle the situation there. This is clearly her strong suit.

But some people are having a hard time following…

6:20: Clinton was asked whether she agrees with some police officers’ call for a boycott on Beyonce for her Super Bowl performance. Putting aside any specific performance, the candidate said we have to provide more support.

“We have to figure out how we’re going to lift up the good practices, reform policing, provide more support so that force is a last resort, not a first choice,” she said. “And that means helping to train police so that… you know when they go out on the streets I’m sure they’re nervous and scared too.”

6:24: Watch Clinton talk race relations…

6:24:  Meanwhile in Nevada:

6:26: Clinton talked student loans…

6:43: Best. Poll. Ever.

6:43: Clinton was shown this Stephen Colbert skit… She’s then asked whether she’d like another chance at the question. She said simply, “I’ll just say no.”

6:43: Clinton on her use of email server and the “drip, drip” release of her emails by the government.

6:50: Some people really want this question asked…

6:50: Clinton used John McCain and Susan Collins as examples of Republicans she’s been able to work well with.

7:00: In conclusion…