CNN+ Launches to Streaming Subscribers With 8 New Daily Shows

Network founder Ted Turner celebrated on social media as the service’s “first subscriber”


CNN’s first foray into streaming has officially arrived. The cable news giant’s digital venture, CNN+, launched to subscribers Tuesday.

Network founder Ted Turner celebrated the occasion on social media, coining himself the platform’s first subscriber. “Just when you think CNN covered all the bases, they innovate a new tool for keeping us informed,” he wrote.

Right off the bat, CNN+ is expected to have eight new daily shows, including “Reliable Sources Daily” with Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter. The streamer will feature live, on-demand and interactive programming, and feature new ways to interact with CNN’s journalism and storytelling.

CNN reveals details around its new streaming service CNN+
CNN reveals details around its new streaming service CNN+

In addition to Stelter, CNN+ has a lineup of star anchors and journalists including Audie Cornish, Chris Wallace, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper, who are all set to host daily and/or weekly programs.

Wallace is set to host his own daily show as well, titled “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” where the former Fox News journalist will engage in candid conversations with news, sports, entertainment, arts and culture personalities.

Other daily offerings are “5 Things with Kate Bolduan,” “Big Picture with Sara Sidner,” “The Global Brief with Bianca Nobilo,” “Go There,” which takes viewers to the frontline of breaking news, “The Newscast with Wolf Blitzer,” and “The Source with Kasie Hunt,” featuring the former MSNBC news personality.

CNN+, which is the cabler’s response to Fox News and MSNBC’s own streaming platforms, will allow subscribers to pick and choose what type and length of news shows they would like to consume, a model that allows for greater flexibility and customization.

“With CNN+ having live programming and a massive on-demand library and this interactive platform gives users something that doesn’t exist. So, it is truly unique,” CNN Executive VP, Chief Digital Officer and Head of CNN+, Andrew Morse said during a preview of the service earlier this week.

CNN+ costs $5.99 a month, or $59.99 for an annual subscription.