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CNN Reporter Defies Media Ban at GOP Rally by Renting Adjacent Hotel Room

For $85 they got a nice poolside balcony suite with a view

CNN Senior National Correspondent Kyung Lah and her cameraman Ronnie McCray, Jr. are more clever than Pennsylvania GOP rally organizers took them for.

Told “no press allowed” at the weekend rally for Republican gubernatorial primary candidate Doug Matriano at a Uniontown, Pennsylvania hotel pool, the defiant duo went to higher ground. Rather than pack up and call it a day, they checked into a balcony suite for $85 and got the job done with a bird’s-eye-view.

“Mastriano’s campaign threatened to kick us out, saying they controlled all the space in the hotel,” Lah tweeted in a thread from the rally. “Not so. They were unhappy we stayed. Why do this? Bc independent press needs to see what your future government reps want to do.”

Their presence did not go unnoticed.

In this case, Lah was the pool reporter, and also the pool reporter.

It’s a great lesson for young journalists everywhere: There is no failure, only giving up.