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CNN Reporter: Mark Halperin Sexual Harassment ‘Was An Open Secret’

A CNN correspondent says Halperin’s alleged transgressions were widely known

CNN senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward is speaking out after five different women told her network that they had been sexually harassed by veteran political reporter Mark Halperin during his time at ABC.

Ward didn’t stop there, launching into a full-blown tweet-storm, commending the bravery of women who come forward and lashing out at men trying to shift responsibility onto women.

On Wednesday evening, CNN broke the Halperin story, which included various accounts of unwanted kissing, groping and other forms of sexual misconduct. Halperin denied some of the charges to CNN, but nevertheless apologized. On Thursday MSNBC announced that he would be suspended from the network and a person familiar with the matter said it was unlikely Halperin would ever be seen again on “Morning Joe” either.