CNN Signs Van Jones for New Show Starting in January

“Van Jones Show” will air in primetime, bimonthly

Van Jones
Getty Images

CNN political contributor Van Jones will be given his own program beginning in January, the network announced in a press release Monday.

The “Van Jones Show” is expected to launch in January during primetime and air bimonthly.

“The show will build on Jones’ successful town halls throughout 2017, The Messy Truth, and will continue to speak directly to voters across the country by exploring the raw, emotional policy debates and culture wars taking place in America,” read a press statement from the network.

Jones has become a mainstay on the network, particularly after the election of Donald Trump. His on-air fights with former Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord were widely praised and routinely went viral.

In addition to the new show, CNN also announced the production of a new CNN Original Series hosted by Jones, that will focuses on his pet issue, criminal justice reform.

A CNN spokesperson declined to comment further on the new show, but said more information would be revealed in the coming weeks.