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CNN Student Gun Violence Panel Goes Off the Rails: ‘You’re a Racist!’ (Video)

The students trade accusations as they try to determine the root causes of gun violence

CNN’s “New Day” welcomed a panel of high school students to discuss school gun violence. The conversation, however, swiftly devolved as the teenagers offered sharp disagreements and leveled accusations of racism.

“Who is carrying out these shootings?” asked 17-year-old Zyahna Bryant. “Young white men.”

“Now you’re a racist,” said the panel’s resident pro-gun advocate Jacob Scott with indignation. “Why are you attacking white people … What about Omar Mateen?”

While pointing out uncomfortable facts has often been cause enough to cry racism in some quarters, there was no space for it on CNN Wednesday, with co-host Alisyn Camerota attempting to be the adult in the room — objectively correcting the record.

“There are exceptions to the rule, but school shooters are generally young white men,” said Camerota.

Things continued much the same when Tanzil Philip said that the color of his skin made him nervous about being around police.

“I am a person of color and I don’t feel comfortable,” Philip said. “I am walking around and I am looking at these cops and I am like, ‘Do they think I am up to something because of the color of my skin?'”

Scott doubled down, accusing Philip of playing the “race card” and saying he too was a “racist.”

The panel was Part 2 of “New Day’s” “Gun Conversation with Students” and is a variation on the show’s recurring Trump voter panels segments.

You can watch the confrontation above.