CNN Turning Empire State Building Into a Giant Election Results Meter

CNN will display election results with red and blue meters going up the Empire State Building

CNN is looking to be the King Kong of election results.

CNNThe cable network will use the Empire State Building to display the presidential race's projected tally of states' 270 electoral votes on a vertical, LED-lit screen.

The tower, which rises a quarter-mile above the streets of Manhattan, will light up in red, white and blue stripes, while the mast will glow blue or red to represent President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney's respective electoral votes.

CNN will air footage of the spire from the rooftop of a neighboring building and, when it projects the winner, it will change color to all-blue for the Democrat or all-red for the Republican.

The New York skyline's most iconic building was first used in 1932 to signal the election of Franklin Delano Roosevent as president, when it shone a simple spotlight to alert New Yorkers to the local-born Democrat's victory.