CNN’s Brian Stelter and Panel Tackle ‘MSNBC Fatigue,’ Future of Liberal News

“I expect MSNBC will play up more culture and less Washington,” Stelter says

CNN’s Brian Stelter and his “Reliable Sources” panel delved into “MSNBC fatigue” coinciding with Obama fatigue during Sunday morning’s episode.

“There’s a tiredness with that [liberal commentary] after six years and counting of the Obama administration and with nothing else, the liberal commentary becomes very predictable,” former MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan told Stelter.  Former CBS evening news anchor Dan Rather noted that a more important point than a liberal vs. conservative audience is a younger vs. older audience.

“The younger audience is very suspicious of the corporatization of media,” Rather said. “The younger audience is well past this.”

Ratigan said networks like MSNBC aren’t going anywhere. And host Brian Stelter echoed sentiments from TheWrap’s previous reporting, predicting MSNBC will pivot to more cultural issues and less inside Washington, D.C. stories.

Watch the video: