CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Blasts Don Lemon: Using N-word Removes Another Brick From ‘Wall of the Unacceptable’

“Sunny Hostin 1, Don Lemon 0,” the cable news network’s international anchor says in support of legal analyst slamming Lemon for using N-word on air

Apparently Christiane Amanpour disagrees with TheWrap’s assessment of Don Lemon’s stirring of the pot being a good thing for CNN, as she took to Twitter to slam her colleague on Friday.

Amanpour criticized Lemon through social media for showing and using the N-word on air earlier in the week.

1, 0: Using N-word removes another brick from the wall of the unacceptable,” Amanpour tweeted, awarding her points to legal analyst Hostin, who criticized Lemon on-air for using the N-word.

She also gave props to Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore, who spoofed Lemon for using the vile word on-air.

“.@larrywilmore’s got it right:,” she tweeted. Amanpour is the first prominent CNN host to publicly criticize Lemon for his N-word stunt, which featured the primetime host flashing a giant sign with the word spelled out in the beginning of Monday’s show.

CNN insiders told TheWrap executives love Lemon’s antics because it draws numbers and attention while producers think he’s becoming a sideshow.

He’s “grandstanding-he’s playing a role, ruins serious conversations and is self-serving,” one insider told TheWrap.