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CNN’s Don Lemon Tears Apart Donald Sterling’s Lawyer

”This guy is an 8-track tape in an iTunes era,“ the ”CNN Newsroom“ anchor said after Max Blecher spoke on the network in defense of his client

CNN anchor Don Lemon had some choice words for Donald Sterling and his lawyer, Max Blecher. He was speaking as part of a panel of journalists in response to remarks made on the network regarding Sterling’s case with the NBA. The Los Angeles Clippers owner came under fire after some racially insensitive remarks were leaked to the public by his companion, V. Stiviano.

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Since then, he has been battling over ownership of his team, while facing a steep fine and a lifetime ban by the NBA. Unfortunately for Sterling, Lemon didn’t think his lawyer did him any favors in speaking out on behalf of his client. Lemon opened his remarks by saying of Blecher, “This guy is an 8-track tape in an iTunes era.”

He went on to blast Blecher for misidentifying the United Negro College Fun as the United Negro Fund, and argued against the assertion that Sterling was in good standing with the league, considering he sued the NBA over moving the team from San Diego to Los Angeles.

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“You should not get on television saying that Donald Sterling is not a racist and we should not believe our own ears because he said as much in an interview with Anderson Cooper,” Lemon added, getting to the main point of the controversy. He said that it didn’t matter how the tape made it to the public domain, it’s the fact that it’s there and negatively impacting the league that the NBA is rightfully concerned about.

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“Donald Sterling damaged his own reputation by coming on television and saying what he said,” Lemon said, adding to Sterling, “If you want to be vindicated, go back and look at the tapes. Go back and look at what you said beyond the tape that was released to the public.”