CNN’s Jake Tapper Explains His All-Female Kavanaugh Panel: We’ve ‘Heard From Men Enough’

Tapper appeared on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” to discuss the Brett Kavanaugh hearings

Jake Tapper said Monday night that he decided to have an all-female panel on his weekend CNN show to discuss the Brett Kavanaugh hearings because he was tired of having so many men weigh in on the sexual misconduct accusations against the judge.

“I’ve had all-women panels lots of times but it is true that this Sunday we’d heard from men enough,” he told Stephen Colbert during an appearance on “The Late Show.”

The line went over well with Colbert’s audience, prompting a round of applause.

Tapper spent most of his time on set discussing the accusations from three women that have thrown Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination into turmoil and said what he’s seen so far was “even nastier” than the Anita Hill hearings of 1991.

Tapper — a Dartmouth alum of the late 1980s — said he knew a thing or two about prep school debauchery and seemed skeptical of some of the answers Kavanaugh gave during his Senate testimony last week.

“I was drinking in the late ’80s on campus and he was drinking in the early ’80s on campus — so I do find some of the claims that he’s making to be interesting,” he said.

Still, the CNN star could not avoid stirring some audience displeasure after he told Colbert that he believed the judge would ultimately be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. I assume that he will become the next Supreme Court Justice, but I don’t know,” said Tapper which sparked the booing.

“I’ve had worse,” he added.

“I think they were all going boooooof,” said Colbert — a reference to what Judge Kavanaugh said was a slang term among his friends for “flatulence”

Tapper told Colbert that he found that explanation “hard to believe.”