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CNN’s Jake Tapper to Larry Wilmore: Deflated Balls Not the Worst Thing Happening in NFL (Video)

”People don’t want to know what’s going on behind-the-scenes,“ Tapper says on ”Nightly Show“ with Larry Wilmore

CNN’s Jake Tapper gave his take on “Deflategate” Thursday, asking Larry Willmore if he really thinks football pressure should be the main concern for NFL fans.

“People don’t want to know what’s going on behind-the-scenes,” Tapper said on “The Nightly Show.” “You think deflated balls are the worst thing going on in the NFL?” he continued, noting what players are injecting in their bodies and how they are treating their loved ones off the field are swept under the rug.

Tapper said people don’t want to know what’s going on with the players off the field because the sport has never been more popular, turning into a billion dollar machine.

On whether politicians or athletes are more dishonest, the CNN anchor acknowledged the politicos he deals with aren’t bastions of honesty.

“It’s very, very annoying,” he said about politicians who lie during interviews. “You’re not telling the truth, let’s move on to the next question,” he described as the mindset he utilizes when dealing with dishonest politicians.

Watch the video below.