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CNN’s Kirsten Powers Slams Trump Surrogate Over ‘Gendered’ ‘Hysterical’ Comment (Video)

”It’s just women that are usually called hysterical,“ CNN analyst says

CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers ripped Trump surrogate Jason Miller on Tuesday night for calling Sen. Kamala Harris “hysterical,” implying that the comment was sexist. “It’s just women that are usually called hysterical,” said Powers.

“How was Sen. Harris hysterical? I don’t really understand that. I mean, she was asking some tough questions,” Powers responded after Miller made a comment that Harris was “hysterical” during Jeff Session’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

“From my perspective — my, I would say, objective perspective — I mean it was … it didn’t seem like there was any effort to try to get to a real question or get to the bottom of it,” Miller said.

“I think she asked a lot of questions, actually. She was very dogged,” Powers fired back.

“Look, I have my opinion on that. I think she was hysterical,” Miller responded, adding that a male senator also did a poor job getting to the bottom of issues.

“But he wasn’t hysterical and she was. OK, I just wanted to clear that up. Got it,” Powers said. “Calling her hysterical is probably a little gendered thing to say.”

Check out the video above.