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CNN’s ‘Parker Spitzer’ Debuts October 4

Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker and former N.Y. Governor Eliot Spitzer revealed the premiere date and name for their new show

Apparently "Spitzer Parker" was too prone to late-night jokes.

CNN's political roundtable chat starring former New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer and Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative political columnist Kathleen Parker will be called "Parker Spitzer" and will debut Oct. 4. 

"Parker Spitzer" will be an opinionated discussion that is a major departure from CNN's standard, more objective approach. CNN announced the show June 23 as a replacement for Campbell Brown, whose show in the 8 p.m. hour was scrapped due to low ratings. 

The two hosts announced the name of the show and its debut date in a short promo clip that premiered Tuesday.

"Parker Spitzer" is part of a new primetime lineup for CNN. The network is set to announce a new 9 p.m. show featuring British journalist and reality show host Piers Morgan as a replacement for Larry King, who announced his departure after 25 years on air amid low ratings and a messy adultery scandal

CNN has a lot riding on the success of its new shows. The network is suffering from low ratings across the board and lagging behind its cable news competitors– Fox News and MSNBC.