CNN’s S.E. Cupp Thinks She’s a Way, Way ‘Better’ Atheist Than Bill Maher (Video)

Who knew you could be better at not believing in something than someone else?

CNN’s S.E. Cupp thinks she is a better atheist than Bill Maher, and “liberals” in general.

That’s right. Apparently, not believing in God is a contest and the “Crossfire” co-host thinks conservatives win.

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In a “Crossfire Reloaded” video (above) that hit the web on Wednesday, Cupp argues atheists on “the left” have a “militant hostility” in reaction “against intellectual diversity.”

“Most conservative atheists I know, including myself, have a really healthy respect for the role of religion in society and this country, in particularly,” Cupp said. “Bill Maher thinks 95 percent of the world has a neurological disorder. I don’t think you’d find that on the right, and for that reason I’ll say it. I think our atheists are better than yours.”

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The ball’s in your court, Maher.