Colbert Celebrates Latest Impeachment Happenings – And Also Lightly Roasts Nancy Pelosi (Video)

“The Late Show” host still zings Trump too, of course

Colbert Pelosi Impeach Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert was in a celebratory mood on Thursday following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement earlier in the day that the house will draft articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. But he also took a moment to lightly roast Pelosi for a somewhat ahistorical comment she made about religion.

First though, Colbert looked at the announcement itself. “That’s right, after opening an inquiry into the possibility of impeachment, then reading the impeachment report and considering impeachment options,” Colbert said, “we finally made it… to the beginning of the end of the starting and we’re about to start the beginning of the middle.”

He then rolled a clip of Pelosi explaining her impeachment framework, which she described as “Legislate, investigate, litigate.”

“As opposed to Trump’s plan,” Colbert said, switching to his rhyming Trump impression, “obfuscate, irritate, partially hydrogenate, chocolate cake, on the paper plate that I also ate.”

But Colbert did find one of Pelosi’s comments preposterous. After the announcement, when she was asked if she hates Trump, Pelosi angrily replied “I don’t hate anybody. I was raised in a Catholic house, we don’t hate anybody–not anybody in the world.”

“Well said. We Catholics don’t hate anyone, OK?” Colbert said after running a clip. “We are not allowed to. We don’t hate anyone. That’s why we waged 11 crusades: To remind those people how much we love them.”

“The Inquisition was just a tickle fight that got out of control,” he added.

Watch the whole clip below: