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Colbert Channels Talking Heads to Make Sense of Trump’s Weird Post-Impeachment Press Conference (Video)

”The Late Show“ host isn’t really sure what he just saw and neither are we

On Thursday, President Donald Trump gave a weird press conference, his first real one since being acquitted in his impeachment trial along almost entirely partisan lines, and Stephen Colbert was so confused he had to reference Talking Heads songs to make sense of it.

During the wild press conference in which Trump largely complained about his lot in life despite remaining in office even after the credible accusations of abusing that led to his impeachment, the POTUS raised eyebrows by his description of the event. “This is really not a news conference, it’s not a speech, it’s not anything,” he said. OK?

That’s when Colbert channeled Talking Heads. “This ain’t no party, this ain’t disco, this ain’t no, this ain’t no foolin’ around. The point is, I’m a psycho killer and I’m burning down the house. It’s life during wartime. It’s life during wartime.”

For those wondering, he was quoting lyrics from the songs “Life During Wartime,” “Psycho Killer,” and “Burning Down the House.”

Colbert then turned to a moment he described as Trump “at his most presidential,” when Trump said about the credible accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 election “it was all bulls—.”

“Wow, I’d like to point out that for you people at home,” Colbert said, “we had to bleep that last word. Because CBS has higher standards than the president of the United States.” Zing!

Watch the whole thing below: