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Colbert Compares Trump’s Election to the Most Recent ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode (Video)

You know the one we mean

Last Updated: May 14, 2019 @ 9:53 PM

On the latest “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert made a timely joke about Donald Trump that came at the expense of the most recent episode of “Game of Thrones.”

During his opening monologue, Colbert mocked Trump’s recent appearance before an audience of energy industry workers, during which POTUS bragged about something completely unrelated to the topic at hand: his election as president in 2016. POTUS referred to that event, weirdly, as “one of the highest-rated days in the history of television.”

“Did anybody not watch television that night?” Trump asked the crowd. “All over the world they were watching.”

That’s when Colbert referenced Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” episode “The Bells,” which has sharply divided fans due to (spoiler) Queen Daenerys going full Mad Queen and burning King’s Landing to the ground with dragonfire.

“Yes, it was a must-see television event,” Colbert said in his fake-Trump accent. “Everybody tuned in to see me ride my dragon and burn Washington to the ground. People complained, ‘Why would he do that?'”

“I don’t know why people complained,” the gag ended. “The writers had been hinting all season that that’s how we’re gonna wrap up democracy.”

Watch the whole thing above.