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Colbert Finally Gets His Crack at a ‘Covfefe’ Joke (Video)

That’s what you get for taking time off during a Donald Trump presidency

Given the rapid pace of our 24/7 news cycle, Stephen Colbert’s vacation last week may have shuttered the acceptable window for him to make a “covfefe” joke — but the “Late Show” host wanted a crack at it anyway.

“I know this happened five days ago, but I will not be denied the chance to enjoy this one,” he set up during Monday’s monologue. Colbert then read Donald Trump’s instantly infamous and nonsensical “covfefe” tweet.

“Strong statement, sir. Bold. Presidential,” Colbert quipped of the since-deleted social media post. “Reminds me of the first draft of The Gettysburg Address: ‘Four score and seven ratselttab…'”

Of course, White House press secretary Sean Spicer and Trump have both doubled-down on the legitimacy of “covfefe” — so Colbert tripled-down on his jokes about the fake word.

Watch the video above.

Welcome back, Stephen.