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Colbert Mocks A-Lister Vaccine Scramble: If They Don’t Survive, Who Will Sing Us ‘Imagine’ During Next Pandemic? (Video)

Hollywood elite are reportedly ”leveraging their clout and connections to be the first to get inoculated“

Stephen Colbert fired shots at the Hollywood elite who are reportedly scrambling to be the first to get the available COVID-19 vaccines on Tuesday’s “The Late Show.”

“Turns out the coronavirus is changing faster than scientists thought, leading to new variants,” the CBS late-night host said during his monologue last night. “Like one in Britain that’s up to 50% more contagious, a variant in South Africa that may be more adept at dodging antibodies in the bloodstream and a deadly new variant from Brazil. Now that one is easy to identify because it looks fantastic in a two-piece because it’s smooth as an eel down there.”

Naturally, all this talk of more variants led Colbert to how everyone is going to get vaccinated against the virus in the first place, with additional orders placed by President Joe Biden for COVID-19 vaccines yesterday.

“200 million more doses. Oh baby!” Colbert shouted. “America’s got a new boyfriend and he is spoiling us and we are loving it. And by spoiling us, I mean not leaving us to fend for ourselves in the face of a deadly pandemic, and by loving it, I mean loving it. Because Americans are desperate to start their vaccinations.”

Stephen then turned his attention to reports that the A-list crowd is trying to use their status to get themselves at the front of the line for a COVID-19 vaccine.

“And it turns out, stars, they’re just like us because the Hollywood elite are in a COVID-19 vaccine scramble, leveraging their clout and connections to be the first to get inoculated,” Colbert said, adding: “As well they should. If the Hollywood elite don’t survive this, who will sing us ‘Imagine’ during the next pandemic?”

Colbert was of course referring to the now-infamous video Gal Gadot and her celebrity friends made of themselves singing “Imagine” early on in the pandemic, which was criticized by some for being tone-deaf.

Watch Colbert’s full monologue above.