Colbert Demonstrates How Kanye’s Beef With Peppa Pig Is Actually Justified (Video)

Once again Colbert mines Peppa for jokes

Colbert Kanye Peppa Pig

Kanye West’s — or if you prefer, Ye’s — beef with Peppa Pig is one of the weirder bits of news from over the weekend. But according to Stephen Colbert, as ridiculous as it sounds, maybe Ye has good reason to hate the adorable little pig.

This whole thing is very silly; here’s a detailed recap. The short version is, over the weekend Ye posted a list of his many public feuds and ended up including Peppa Pig. It’s unclear if he was joking or not, but apparently the whole thing goes back to last year when Pitchfork ranked a Peppa Pig album higher than “Donda,” and then the official Peppa Twitter account poked fun at Ye over it.

Anyway, on Monday’s “The Late Show,” Colbert kicked things off with a cold open in which it turns out that Peppa’s album included a rather vicious diss track aimed at Kanye. Obviously it’s a joke, and obviously the footage was parody and not actual clips from anything Peppa Pig-related. Still, it was amusing. Though we need to say, Peppa’s flow definitely sucks and her rhymes are not great. Maybe she should have stolen them from whoever the Peppa Pig-verse equivalent of Grandmaster Caz is. Yep, now we’re beefing with Peppa now too.

But we digress. Here are the lyrics to the Peppa Pig diss track:

Are you Ye or Yeezy
Pick an I.D.
How about gettin’ owned
By Notorious P.I.G.
My beats are so hot
It’s just not fair
My flow’s so sick
Call Dr. Brown Bear
I’m the children’s character
Who always oinks
You’ve got an ex-wife
Who Pete Davidson boinks
My rhymes are infectious
I’m raising the roof
And giving you the finger with
My entire hoof

Watch the clip here now: