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Colbert Consults an Actual Smoking Gun to See if Trump Jr Is Guilty of Collusion (Video)

”The Late Show“ host celebrates the Mueller investigation’s first anniversary by dunking on the president’s son

Today is the first anniversary of the Robert Mueller investigation, and while celebrating Stephen Colbert consulted an actual (animated) smoking gun to find out if Donald Trump Jr. is guilty of collusion.

“He’s so guilty, he’s so guilty, AHHHH!” screamed the cartoon pistol as flames and smoke shot up from its barrel. But Don Junior needn’t worry, Colbert concluded: “Nope, just fire so far.”

The bit came during a look Thursday night on “The Late Show” into Trump Jr.’s closed-door testimony before the Senate last September, the transcript of which was released on Wednesday.

Colbert noted that according to the transcript, Trump Jr. admitted to meeting with Russian officials, and to being in communication with WikiLeaks.

“Is the gun smoking, can we check on the gun?” Colbert asked. Cue the cartoon. After Colbert decreed it wasn’t smoke, he noted that Trump Jr. also told the Senate he sometimes tweeted news items at WikiLeaks’ recommendation.

“In that case,” Colbert said, “Hey, Don Jr., you might wanna tweet this: ‘We did it, please arrest my dad.'”

There’s plenty more in the clip about the crazier details from the almost 2,000-page transcript. Watch the whole thing above. (Skip to the 4:50 mark for the gun.)