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Colbert Drops a Fun Song to Keep Track of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Insane Beliefs (Video)

It’s pretty tough making sense of it all.

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert performed a public service by rolling out a fun song designed to help his viewers get a handle on the disorienting collection of extremist and bigoted beliefs rolling around in the brain of Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene is well known for holding a wide array extremist, racist and antidemocratic political views and for promoting a litany of insane conspiracy theories. For instance, she supports QAnon. She has called for the execution of leading Democrats. She has claimed that horrific school shootings are false flag events caused by Democrats. She’s a 9/11 truther. There is of course her insane (and extremely anti-Semitic) theory that wealthy Jews collaborated with the Governor of California to start the 2018 California wildfires using a laser in space, AKA the whole “Jewish Space Laser” thing you may have heard about.

And just today, she promoted the racist and xenophobic (and baseless) conspiracy theory that Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Muslim, secretly married her own brother to defraud U.S. immigration laws. No, really:

It’s a lot. Like, a real lot.

But since it appears the Republican Party is absolutely OK with having someone like that among their ranks, it looks like she’s going to be in the news a lot. So it’s probably a good idea to get caught up before we learn what other toxic things she believes. Enter Colbert, who debuted a fun, 1960s Motown-inspired song listing most of them.

We won’t spoil the joke by repeating it, but it does have a fun melody and a good beat — and it ends with a very amusing joke about Greene doing an impression of Donald Trump. Watch the whole thing below.