Colbert Dunks Hard on Complaint by Reporter That Impeachment Hearing Needed ‘Pizzazz’ (Video)

“The Late Show” host talks about the impeachment hearing

Colbert Trump Impeachment Hearing Pizzazz

On Thursday’s “The Late Show,” Colbert delivered some deserved mockery to an NBC News report which complained that the first day of the Donald Trump impeachment hearing was boring.

On Wednesday, after the first day of hearings concluded, NBC News reporter Jonathan Allen wrote an analysis in which he complained that there was “plenty of substance but little drama,” and that “the first two witnesses called Wednesday testified to Trump’s scheme, but lacked the pizazz necessary to capture public attention.” Allen, who also suggested the hearings should be more like “a hit Broadway musical,” didn’t cite any evidence that the proceedings had failed “to capture public attention.”

The analysis was widely mocked, even by some of Allen’s own NBC colleagues, and Colbert joined in the fun Thursday night.

“Yeah. That’s what I’m looking for in deeply troubling congressional hearings. Zaaazzzz,” Colbert said. “Yeah, that’s why during Iran-Contra Oliver North came dressed as Elton John.”

“Since when is ‘pizzazz’ the benchmark of trustworthiness,” Colbert continued. “I don’t want a pilot who says ‘attention passengers. We’ll be touching down in Denver in just a moment, but first,” at which point Colbert began singing, “BARREL ROLL BARREL ROLL, SHIMMY SHIMMY, water landing!’”

Watch the whole thing below: