Stephen Colbert Explains Senate Rule That Silenced Elizabeth Warren: ‘Bros Before Hoes’ (Video)

“Late Show” monologue also drops bombs on President Trump’s travel ban, Ivanka’s Nordstrom fallout

Good thing Stephen Colbert is here to educate us about confusing congressional bylaws.

The “Late Show” host used an early portion of his Wednesday monologue to break down the little known Senate rule that was apparently invoked to silence Elizabeth Warren after she tried to read Coretta Scott King’s 1986 letter urging the rejection of Jeff Sessions as a federal judge. Evidently, Rule 19 “prohibits a Senator of impugning the character of another sitting Senator,” per Colbert’s lesson.

So why were Bernie Sanders and other men later granted permission to read excerpts from the same letter on the same floor? Oh, that’s because of Rule 18, which the “Colbert Report” alum said simply reads, “Bros Before Hoes.”

This whole ordeal is what Colbert called “part of the GOPs February message.” Here’s that: “Happy Black History Month! Now shut up about the bad stuff,” he quipped.

The CBS funnyman then moved on to the Trump family’s ongoing drama with retailer Nordstrom. That wasn’t the final shot fired at the president’s office: Colbert, who has been surging in TV ratings as of late, doubled-back to again rip Trump’s travel ban.

Watch the video above.