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Colbert Enlists Cookie Monster to Explain Latest Trump Impeachment Inquiry Happenings (Video)

Gag comes after POTUS said Nancy Pelosi ”hands out subpoenas like they’re cookies“

On Thursday, Stephen Colbert found the perfect partner in crime to explain the latest goings-on in the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry — the best cookie expert on “Sesame Street.”

Earlier in the day, Trump complained that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hands out subpoenas like they’re cookies.” That’s where, you guessed it, the Cookie Monster came in. In response, “The Late Show” rolled a clip that looked like one of many “Sesame Street” learn-to-spell segments, with the word in question being “subpoena.”

In the clip, Cookie Monster (actually someone doing a very good impression of his voice) sings: “S is for subpoena, Schiff wants your testimony. U is for Ukraine, do a favor for me. B is for what is B, doing in this word? P is for Pompeo, and the phone call that he heard.”

The song continues: “O is for Oh God, high crimes and misdemeanors. E is for Eric, he can’t spell ‘subpoenas.’ N is for Nixon, we’ve seen this all before, A is for get your big ass out the door.”

Honestly this kind of thing would make all kinds of difficult subjects easier to learn about. Here’s hoping they do mass extinctions next.

Watch the whole clip below: