Colbert Finds an Important Electoral Truth (Plus a Bad Pun) in Trump’s UK Visit (Video)

It’s funny and kinda depressing because it’s true

Colbert Trump UK Trip Fake Boos

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert took a look at Donald Trump’s ongoing state visit to the UK — and reminded viewers of an important truth about the whole thing. He also used the occasion to drop an all-new bad pun (and we aren’t complaining).

The moment came early on, as Colbert noted how on Monday night, someone projected a graphic on the Tower of London comparing Trump’s approval rating with the British public to Barack Obama’s. (For the curious, according to the graphic, it’s Obama at 72%, Trump at 21%.)

That prompted an outpouring of “ooohs” from the audience, at which point Colbert poured cold water on the mood. “It’s nice to know,” he said. “Unfortunately, English votes don’t count in our elections.”

“Only Russians’ do,” Colbert quipped.

As for the pun, it’s a doozy. Colbert rolled a clip of Donald Trump’s comments earlier Tuesday, in which he said that despite large anti-Trump demonstrations throughout London, he saw only crowds of people cheering for him.

“And when there are no protests, you know what I call that?” Colbert said in his Donald Trump voice. “Fake boos.”

We have real boos for that joke, Colbert. Nah, we’re only kidding. We actually live and die for puns, so keep them coming.

Everyone else, watch the whole clip below.