Colbert Fixes CNN’s ‘Apple’ Ad: ‘Orange You Ready to Im-Peach?’ (Video)

So. Many. Fruit. Puns.

Lots of folks have had some fun with CNN’s new “This Is an Apple” ad, which is a thinly veiled fact-focused shot at President Trump’s constant “fake news” claims. Add Stephen Colbert among those mocking the commercial.

Here are some of “The Late Show’s” best lines from their Tuesday night skit, “fixing” the cable news channel’s spot:
“Sarah Huckabee-Sanders might get on TV and say, ‘Banana-nana-fo-fana, fee-fi-mo-mana, banana!’ Even though your question was about tax returns.”

“They’ll say, ‘The banana did a great job helping Puerto Rico.’ You’ll say, ‘Actually, most of the island is still lacking–‘ ‘STAND FOR THE NATIONAL BANANTHEM!.’”

Turns out, it wasn’t a banana this whole time. It was an apple — just like CNN said.

“A really stupid apple,” per the re-cut TV spot’s voiceover. “Now orange you ready to im-peach?”

Watch the video above.