Colbert Gives the Jan 6 Hearings a Fun ‘The Muppet Show’ Intro (Video)

We assume in the Colbert version of things, Statler and Waldorf are of course boycotting the hearings

Colbert Jan 6 Muppets

Stephen Colbert hosted a live episode of “The Late Show” on Thursday, which aired after the first day of hearings held by the congressional committee investigating the deadly Jan 6. Capitol riot.

Colbert famously loves covering politics so of course he made a huge production of it, kicking off the show with an intro that imagined what it would be like if the Jan. 6 Committee hearings had the razzle-dazzle of one of the greatest-ever variety programs: “The Muppet Show.”

You can watch that fun clip right now, below — and below the clip, we’ll transcribe the lyrics, just in case you can’t watch yet.

The clip used repurposed footage of the actual “The Muppet Show” intro, but with the Muppet-impersonators singing lyrics about the hearings, instead of about Muppets putting on a show.

The lyrics are:

Kermit the Frog: “It’s the House Select Committee’s Jan. 6 hearings!”

Female chorus: “It’s time for Bennie Thompson. It’s time for Adam Schiff. It’s time to out the traitors from January 6th.”

Male chorus: “It’s time to shine a spotlight, on those behind the coup. Broadcast on every channel except of course Fox News.”

Statler and Waldorf: “It’s time to find the people. Who tried to hang Mike Pence. Wait do we like Liz Cheney Now? The world does not make sense.”

Kermit: “Why don’t we get things started.”

Chorus: “On the most injurious, Nazi-curious, always hideous, most seditionist, this is what we call the Jan. 6th Show.”