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Colbert Uses Halloween Candy to Teach Actual Economics to Donald Trump Jr (Video)

Socialism sounds delicious and nougaty

Donald Trump Jr. used his daughter’s Halloween candy on Tuesday in a highly mocked attempt to explain socialism to Twitter. The next night, Colbert brought the checkout line’s chocolate display to “The Late Show” to teach actual economic theory.

We’ve capitalized the sweet(s) puns for our readers.

“You, Junior, were born with many 100 Grands on 5th Avenue,” Colbert addressed Don Jr. directly. “All most kids get from their parents is Kisses.”

“Now, Americans find themselves be-Twixed two choices, both of which Blow: wealth redistribution, or empower a Nutrageous demagogue by handing him the Warheads,” he continued. “The top one percent Toblerone 99 percent of the wealth, while there should be Good & Plenty of money for everyone.”

Colbert’s master class went on from there — and yes, both Dum-Dums and Nerds made the confectionary cut.

Watch the video above.