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Colbert Imagines How Less Moral Soda Brands Could Capitalize on GOP Coke Boycott (Video)

"The Late Show" imagines how other soda brands can cash-in on the Republican/Coca-Cola split

On Tuesday's "The Late Show," Stephen Colbert poked fun at the histrionic calls from Republicans to boycott corporations like Coca-Cola with a fake ad imagining how a soda company without any morals could totally take advantage of the whole situation.

Colbert imagined the owner of Shasta making his pitch to become the conservative movement's new favorite soda pop and appeal to consumers who approve of Georgia's restrictive new voting laws that Major League Baseball and companies like Coke have condemned. "You may remember us from the bottom of your uncle's cooler," the fake owner said at the start of the gag.

"As we here at Shasta have watched the troubling events unfold in Georgia, we just wanna remind everyone, we here at Shasta have absolutely no conscience. But we do have a cola. Shasta is down with whatever," he said.

"Restrict voting? None of our business. Child miners? You know, it'll put some hair on their chest. Cock fighting? They're all chicken nuggets eventually. That actor who sent texts making it sound like he's into cannibal sex? Nothing better for washing down a human thumb than the refreshing taste of Shasta," the video continued. "Those squares at Pepsi aren't gonna be cool with that."

"So to everyone who's mad at Coca-Cola, consider making Shasta your protest beverage of choice. Because when you're ready to turn your back on your fellow man, vote for Shasta," the owner said.

"If Georgia lets you," a voiceover narrator said to conclude the gag.

In case you're just catching up, at the end of March Republicans in Georgia passed restrictive new voting laws that dramatically limit early voting access and mail-in voting, give the Republican-controlled state legislature new powers to overrule local election boards, and also made it a crime to give people waiting in line food and water. The restrictions were enacted in direct response to Joe Biden becoming the first Democrat to win the state since 1992, followed up by a Democrat sweep in dual Senate runoff elections in early January, which gave control of the U.S. Senate to the Democrats.

The laws have drawn widespread outrage across the country and condemnation from leading businesses in and outside of Georgia. Among the bill's critics is Major League Baseball and Atlanta-based Coca-Cola. In response, Republicans, including Donald Trump, have demanded a boycott of Coca-Cola, major league baseball and anyone else who criticized them.

Watch the whole thing below: