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Stephen Colbert ‘Interviews’ Trump About ‘Damaged’ Presidency (Video)

”The Late Show“ host ‘interviews’ Trump in an edited version of Piers Morgan’s conversation

Stephen Colbert put a twist on Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump by cutting it up to make the president “look like a complete and utter dumba–” on the “Late Show” Monday night.

“I don’t care,” Trump responded to Colbert’s warning.

Colbert then gave Trump a chance to amend his “s—hole countries” remark, to which Trump replied: “I love Scotland.”

“Close,” Colbert said. “Okay, try again.”

“I love the UK,” Trump said. Colbert’s next question cut to a response of the president saying he’s the least racist person you’ll meet, to which Colbert asked: “Does anyone else say that?”

“Not that I know of,” Trump said.

Finally, Colbert asked Trump about the upcoming State of the Union speech and how he managed to damage the highest office in the country in just one year.

“It’s a record,” Trump replied.

Watch the full fake interview above.