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Colbert Is Real Freaked Out by the Sexual Way Trump Talks About Kim Jong-un (Video)

Disgraced ex-POTUS described his feelings about North Korean dictator in very… intimate terms while speaking to Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward released even more recordings of his interviews with Donald Trump this week. And setting aside the whole “yet again a prominent reporter held back stuff people probably could have benefitted from knowing sooner” of it all, it’s pretty crazy stuff. So much so that on Monday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert seemed almost happy learning about the creepy, sexual way Trump described the way he vibes with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

In one of the recordings, Woodward asked Trump if he agreed with a CIA assessment that Kim is “stupid.” Trump disagreed and when Woodward asked why, Trump said:

“Because they don’t know. They have no idea. I’m the only one that knows. I’m the only one he deals with. He won’t deal with anybody else…The word chemistry. You meet somebody and you have a good chemistry. You meet a woman. In one second you know whether or not it’s all going to happen.”

So, setting all this up during his monologue, Colbert started by mocking Woodward himself. First, he noted that Woodward previously described the former president as “the wrong man for the job.” But, “now after re-listening to the audio, he says, ‘I realize I didn’t go far enough. Trump is an unparalleled danger.’ Really Bob. Now you’re realizing this,” Colbert said with heavy sarcasm.

“I look forward to your next op-ed, ‘Something Seems Off About This Harvey Weinstein Guy,'” Colbert joked.

Next Colbert played a clip where Trump, speaking about COVID-19, said, “I take no responsibility for this.” “That’s also what he says on Eric’s birthday,” Colbert quipped.

Then he moved on to the stuff about Kim Jong-un, playing the recording of Trump describing the dictator in terms that sound sexual. Colbert then stared directly at the camera for several seconds, looking like he was about to pop.

“Wow,” he finally said. “Did he and Kim Jong-un…” Colbert added, letting the implication be heard in how he trailed off.

“I mean, whatever, whatever makes you happy. Love is love. But it really gives a whole new meaning to ‘little rocket man,'” Colbert joked.

“Let me be clear: A penis meaning,” Colbert added.

You can watch the whole monologue in the video above.