Colbert Jokes Dr. Dre Is Also a Lawyer After Sending Cease and Desist to Marjorie Taylor Greene (Video)

Colbert also reveals Bernie Sanders’ unauthorized Snoop Dogg persona

Stephen Colbert took some time in his monologue on Tuesday to poke fun at Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. This time, it was over the fact that she got slapped with a cease and desists order after using one of rapper Dr. Dre’s songs without permission on a video posted to Twitter.

“The Late Show” host went on to joke that “The Chronic” mastermind must also be a lawyer in addition to being a doctor, which checks out honestly.

For those catching up, Greene posted an extremely dorky video of herself walking in slow motion through a hallway in congress as Dre’s 1999 classic “Still D.R.E.” played in the background. Which of course wasn’t cleared, resulting in the C&D and, according to her, a temporary suspension from Twitter.

“Man, those automated iPhone slideshow videos are getting weird,” Colbert joked after he played the clip. “You may have noticed the music to that little video is Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.”

Colbert continued, “Well, Dre certainly noticed because Dr. Dre sent her a cease and desist letter. So, he’s a doctor and a lawyer? How is that guy still single?”

But this teed Colbert up for a pretty funny digression. “This isn’t the first time there have been copyright problems between rappers and politicians. Who can forget Bernie Sanders’ unauthorized tour as ‘Soup Doggy Dogg,” Colbert said as he affected Sanders’ particularly distinctive accent.

“One percent, two percent, three and four, Soup Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre is at the door. We could like some chowder please, drop it like it’s hot, where’s my soup?” Colbert continued — imagine Bernie Sanders rapping the lyrics to “Nuthin’ but a G Thang” before referencing Snoop Dogg’s Neptunes song “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

“SOUP!” Colbert added for emphasis, still doing a Bernie impression.

Earlier in the monologue, Colbert also talked at length about the absurd non-scandal involving some classified documents in Joe Biden’s former office — which he seems to have not known about, and which were returned the government as soon as they were discovered.

“C’mon Joe! Classified? Is this what every president does now just to scatter a trail like Johnny-documentseed. Are these classified files everywhere? My God, this is stressing me out. I’m sweating bullets here,” Colbert joked, while pulling out an index card that read, “Top Secret” as he wiped his forehead.

There’s more, and you can watch the whole monologue at the top of the page.