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Colbert Likens Trump’s Latest Campaign Pitch to a Mafia Shakedown (Video)

”Look, I’m just gonna say, really nice economy you got here,“ says ”Late Show“ host while impersonating POTUS

On “The Late Show” Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert took a trip into Halloween creepiness by talking about the thing Donald Trump wants people to be afraid of: the economy tanking if Democrats win the midterm elections.

Colbert first showed a clip from earlier in the day in which Trump said “if the midterms for some reason don’t do well for Republicans, I think you’re all gonna lose a lot of money. I hate to say that, I think you’re gonna lose a lot of money.”

“Ah, I believe that’s called ‘extortion,'” joked Colbert, who then switched into his Trump impression. “Look, I’m just gonna say, really nice economy you got here, hate to see something happen to it. I’m just saying, I’ve stuffed the Dow with oily rags, and my son Eric loves to play with Matches.”

Colbert then played a clip in which Trump talked about his old NBC show “The Apprentice,” extolling its successful 14-season run. Trump also brought up the network’s failure to successfully reboot the show after it severed ties with him in 2015 over his offensive comments about Mexican immigrants, saying he didn’t know if he was happy or sad about it.

“I never knew if I felt happy, or sad, or if I had any feelings really,” said Colbert, impersonating Trump again. “The only ones I’ve ever been sure of are anger, and arousal. Usually at the same things.”

Watch the whole clip below.