Colbert Compares ‘Jeopardy’s’ Mike Richards Controversy to Afghanistan Crisis: ‘Speaking of Disastrous Transitions’ (Video)

“Late Show” host suggests public is obsessed with “Jeopardy” host debacle “possibly to avoid talking about everything else”

Stephen Colbert addressed “the big story everybody is talking about right now” on Thursday’s “Late Show,” diving right into the “recent poorly handled regime change — over at ‘Jeopardy!’”

Yes, Colbert tackled the controversy surrounding recently appointed new “Jeopardy!” host Mike Richards, who stepped down from the role Friday morning, while making it clear he thinks America’s level of attention to the choice of who is worthy to replace the late, great Alex Trebek is “possibly to avoid talking about everything else” — like the Taliban taking over Afghanistan and President Joe Biden’s handling of that situation.

“During their search, the show tried out everyone, from friend of the show Anderson Cooper, to friend of the show LeVar Burton, to friend of the show Katie Couric, to Dr. Oz, which is why people were a bit surprised when in the end as their permanent week-night host, the executive producers of ‘Jeopardy!’ selected executive producer Mike Richards,” Colbert said during his “Late Show” monologue Thursday. “Wow, what are the odds? Exactly the same as me getting named Stephen Colbert Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Suck it, Ryan Gosling!”

Colbert says things are “only getting worse for Richards,” whom he refers to as “Bland, James Bland,” amid resurfaced podcast audio released in 2014 that includes Richards making crude comments about women, Jewish people and Haiti.

“Ooh, looks like Richards’ job might be in… ‘Jeopardy!’” Colbert said, taking a length pause for laughter.

Richards’ job is no longer in jeopardy, it’s gone, as this monologue was taped yesterday, ahead of Richards’ announcement he’s exiting the show Friday morning.

“In one podcast, Richards asked his co-hosts, both younger women, whether they had ever taken nude photos, saying, ‘like book pictures?’ Booby pictures? Is this the man about to become the host of America’s most beloved quiz show or a 12-year-old boy trying to sneak into an R-rated movie. ‘Yes, I would like one ticket to your 2 p.m. booby picture. I’ve been told some of these boobies have the niblets.’”

Colbert read off Richards’ apology for his remarks, in which he said he has removed the podcast episodes.

“That’s an interesting apology. I know I drove drunk and plowed through your rose garden, and to prove I’m sorry, I’ve recycled my empty liquor bottles.”

The “Late Show” host concluded his bit about Richards and moved on to the next part of his monologue by saying, “Speaking of disastrous transitions, ‘What is Afghanistan?’”

Watch Colbert’s full monologue via the video above and read Richards’ remarks about stepping down from the role here.


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