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Colbert Mocks Republicans Worried About Legal Weed With Anti-Drug PSA Parody (Video)

We have to say we agree

One of the more ridiculous politics-related things of the last few weeks came courtesy of Nebraska’s Republican governor, who became a national laughingstock when he freaked out about his state potentially legalizing marijuana by making the absurd claim that weed kills people.

“If you legalize marijuana, you’re gonna kill your kids. That’s what the data shows from around the country,” Pete Ricketts said last week. (Also, to be clear, what he said is absolutely not true.)

Since then, people across the country have been making fun of him rather ruthlessly, and on Thursday, Stephen Colbert joined them with a pretty funny video clip on “The Late Show.”

The clip parodied the old McGruff the Crime Dog cartoons, but instead of giving common sense advice for staying safe, it made absolutely ludicrous claims about marijuana in order to back up Ricketts. Specifically, the cartoon crime dog warns kids that if they smoke weed, they’ll get the munchies. Then they’ll go to the kitchen to make a PB&J. But when they learn they’re out of jelly, they’ll grab honey, accidentally get it all over themselves, and then a bear will kill them.

Actually, that’s slightly more plausible than Rickett’s histrionic claims. Watch the whole clip below: