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Colbert Panics Trying to Figure Out What the Hell Trump Is Saying About a Border Wall (Video)

”The Late Show“ host wonders if POTUS is indulging in avant-garde poetry

On Wednesday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert had a huge problem understanding what President Trump was trying to say about his proposed border wall and figured it might have just been some weird avant-garde poetry.

In a clip Colbert played during his opening monologue, Trump could be seen telling reporters: “We built a lotta wall. A lotta wall. And it’s two walls. You know, when we rip down an old wall, and then replace it, it’s called ‘a new wall.’ And that’s what we’ve done. A lot of wall is going up. And every place we build the wall it’s less and less.”

After staring blankly at the camera for several seconds, Colbert joked that his mouth was dry and his heart was racing due to the stress of trying to figure out what that actually meant.

“At this point, I think he’s just reciting avant-garde poetry,” said Colbert, who then offered some of his own.

“A wall is going up,” Colbert said in his fake Donald Trump voice. “It is new. Old is down and now a new a wall in every place. Unless, unless you know. I should have been a pair of ragged claws, sculling across the walls of silent wall.”

Watch the whole clip below: