Stephen Colbert Launches ‘Real News Tonight’ to Keep Trump Off Twitter (Video)

Lead story: POTUS can absolutely still achieve erection

Last Updated: February 24, 2017 @ 6:48 AM

Apparently, there’s only one way to keep President Trump off of Twitter, and Stephen Colbert spent Thursday exploiting that.

Per a Politico report, the POTUS really only abuses social media when he’s feeling attacked by the actual media, so his staff has made a concerted effort to only expose our nation’s top executive to the good stuff. The “Late Show” host likes what they’re doing down in DC, and he’s prepared to pitch in.

In that vein, the CBS personality launched “Real News Tonight,” an all-praise channel aimed solely at the president. Their top story? “President Donald Trump Is Very Smart, The Things He Did Today Were Good and Everyone Loves Him”

Plus, their shoe-leather reporting indicates that Trump’s father “loved and respected him.”

Coming up next: “Donald Trump Can Definitely Still Get an Erection.”

Watch the video above — if nothing else, it gives a pair of new faces to the notion of “fake news.”


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