‘Colbert Report’: Chris Christie Is Like a … Dead Cat? (Video)

Stephen Colbert compares media coverage of Christie’s non-campaign for the presidency to trying to understand quantum physics

Last Updated: November 6, 2013 @ 1:01 PM

Stephen Colbert says understanding Chris Christie’s presidential candidacy, or lack thereof, is as complicated as theoretical physics.

Poking fun at media coverage focused on whether or not the New Jersey governor would run for president, the “Colbert Report” host namechecked Werner Heisenberg and fellow physicist Edwin Schrödinger.

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“Uncertainty about Christie has reached the theoretical quantum state first postulated by Heisenberg in 1927 … Christie has become Schrödinger’s candidate,” Colbert said. “Like the theoretical cat in a box that is simultaneously alive and dead until the box is opened … as long as you don’t know whether or not he’s running, Christie is a lock to win the Republican nomination.”

Check out the clip, and raise your hand if you just finally understood the origin of Walt’s pseudonym on “Breaking Bad”: