‘Colbert Report’: Fox News’ Dana Perino Says Obama Rodeo Clown Is ‘Height of Achievement’ (Video)

"Nobel Peace Prize, meh," Colbert opines. "First Black president, whatevs"

In this business, it is generally understood that summer is ordinarily a slow month for both TV and news.

Fortunately for Stephen Colbert, a rodeo clown who performed in Missouri wearing a President Obama mask is the gift that keeps on giving.

Among the fallout, the clown himself has been banned from performing at the Missouri State Fair ever again and the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association (yes, there is one) president has stepped down.

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Fortunately Fox News' Dana Perino is around to set the record straight that the performance was actually not offensive, but "the height of achievement."

"If you get made fun of by the rodeo clown, you have made it," Perino said.

"Nobel Peace Prize, meh," Colbert said. "First Black president, whatevs. But there is no higher honor than having a clown run around a dirt arena wearing a grotesque mask of your face while the announcer asks the cheering crowd, 'Who wants to see this guy trampled?'"

Watch the video: