‘Colbert Report’: Obamacare Is Just Like Vietnam (Video)

FreedomWorks draws an interesting parallel between mandatory health insurance and selective service

On Monday's episode of the "Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert got excited about a new Obamacare protest from Tea Party group FreedomWorks: burning Obamacare cards, much like Vietnam War protestors burned their draft cards.

Aside from the unfortunate fact that there are no Obamacare cards (FreedomWorks got around that by creating symbolic ones for people to burn), Colbert applauded this apt comparison.

"People forget that about the Vietnam War," he said. "Those hippies were just fiscal conservatives protesting a Big Government program."

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Colbert added: "I don't want to see a whole generation forced to fight infection in some nearby county hospital only to come home in one piece with something to live for!"

He then suggested that FreedomWorks could take a cue from their 60s protestor brethren and move to Canada. Special bonus: Canada's got nice, cheap healthcare!

Watch the video: