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‘Colbert Report': Ted Cruz Draws Inspiration From Drawings of Himself (Video)

We all need a hero

Stephen Colbert loves a humble man, so he has much respect for Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who recently told ABC News that arguing in front of the US Supreme Court at age 32 was a truly amazing opportunity, even though it ended with him losing the case.

When he wants to remember those times and keep himself humble, he says, he stares at the courtroom sketch he keeps framed in his office. "It is very good for instilling humility," he said of the portrait of himself.

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Colbert pointed out that said "humble portrait" depicts Cruz surrounded by an aura of light, like an angel, as well as a gallery of other courtroom sketch artists, all of which were also drawing pictures of Ted Cruz.

Colbert also mentioned that the case Cruz was arguing was the "noble cause" of trying to get Texas out of a legal settlement that would improve health care for poor children.

"No wonder he looks so Christ-like in that painting," Colbert mused.

Watch the video: