Colbert Reveals the Winner of Donald Trump’s Rap Contest and Yeah, It’s Putin (Video)

Colbert ends the week with… you know what, the rhymes were actually pretty dope

Colbert MAGA Challenge Trump Putin

Stephen Colbert ended the week by poking fun at a Donald Trump-themed rap contest, with a gag in which the winner turned out to be exactly who you’d expect. The twist: The winner’s rhymes were actually uh, kinda dope.

For those who missed it, the #MAGAChallenge is a social media rap competition that encourages Trump supporters to spit some verse in support of the Orange one. It kicked off in September but simmered mainly under the radar until a week ago, when Trump announced on Twitter that he will invite the winner of the challenge to the White House.

Now, it’s not clear how the winner would even be chosen — plus Trump has a history of just straight up lying about this kind of thing. But on Friday’s episode of “The Late Show,” Colbert rolled a funny short video claiming that Trump had selected his winner, and shocker, it was Vladimir Putin.

But then the clip continued with Vlad’s winning raps and as it turns out, he — or more accurately whoever on Colbert’s writing staff came up with them — kicked some ill rhymes.

If you can’t watch video yet, here are the lyrics:

About to win the rap tournament
Or MAGA challenge, whatever is the word for it
Listen to the rhymes
You can see I’m out here earning it
Killing the beat, and pretending it’s a journalist
I’m like if 2 Chainz
Annexed the Ukraine
I’ve got more bars then cocktail on Blu-Ray
Quid pro quo problems?
Call Russia to-day
You trust me more than your own CIA
Invite me to the White House
Which I want badly
I got ideas for next election make you much happy
Until then I’ll be out here
Having fun rapping
The new Puff Daddy, call me Buff Vladdy
We’ll amass riches
Doing bad business
No one ever finds out, I keep facts hidden
Slick Raps
Even though I lack pigment
Show some love Donald, the way your dad didn’t

Watch the whole clip below. (Also, “privet” is Russian for “hello,” in case you were wondering.)