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Colbert: Purpose of Stormy Daniels NDA Is ‘Raw Cleavage Footage’ for Anderson Cooper (Video)

Stephen Colbert ran down the latest in the ongoing Trump scandal in a segment called “Stormy Watch” on Wednesday’s “The Late Show”

Stephen Colbert says an NDA agreement between President Trump and Stormy Daniels has an important purpose: It allows Anderson Cooper to show Daniels’ cleavage on “60 Minutes.”

Joking that Trump can’t seem to escape the scandal “no matter how many times he clears his browser history,” Colbert launched a segment called “Stormy Watch.”

First he focused on a motion filed by Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, that seeks to depose the president about whether or not he has knowledge of what Avenatti called a “Hush Agreement” with Daniels.

“That means Trump is gonna have to answer uncomfortable questions under oath, like ‘Did you have an affair with Stormy Daniels,’ and ‘Is this now or has it ever been your penis?'” Colbert said.

Avenatti also said the so-called hush agreement has no “lawful object or purpose.”

“Oh, how dare you,” a fake-outraged Colbert said. “Of course this agreement has a lawful purpose. It has given Anderson Cooper hundreds of hours of Stormy Daniels raw cleavage footage.”

But the weird thing, Colbert said, is that Trump hasn’t said anything about the scandal publicly.

“He hasn’t even tweeted about it. One friend says, ‘the president is not in a punch-back mode.’ Yes,” Colbert continued, “Trump only has a few settings. There’s punch-back. There’s lie. There’s self-promote. And popcorn.”

Watch the whole thing below: