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Colbert Talks to ‘Melania Trump’ About Her ‘Prison of My Own Making’ AKA Her Marriage (Video)

”Oh snap, dressing like Hillary? The only thing worse would be to show up dressed as Obama’s birth certificate,“ Colbert says about FLOTUS’ white pantsuit at State of the Union address

Melania Trump might have projected calm solidarity with her husband at Tuesday night’s State of the Union address. But her decision to arrive separately from Donald Trump sparked no end of speculation about just how things are going between the first couple since several outlets reported he had an affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels at some point before becoming President.

That topic came up on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” as host Colbert noted that while “the state of our union is strong, the state of their union… it’s complicated.”

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Colbert noted that many people even speculated that the white pantsuit Melania wore to the SOTU was itself some kind of feminist political statement. That is, because white is a symbol of the suffragette movement, and Hillary Clinton famously wore a similar white pantsuit during the 2016 election. “Oh snap, dressing like Hillary?” Colbert said. “The only thing worse would be to show up dressed as Obama’s birth certificate.”

To settle the question, Colbert interviewed Melania — actually actress Laura Benanti — about the matter. “Melania” proceeded to promote her new perfume fragrance which, she said, includes of just a hint of “I live in a prison of my own making.”

Watch the whole bit below:

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