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Colbert Thinks Trump Might Be Undone by His ‘Achilles Mouth’ (Video)

”The Late Show“ host goes back to the classics

On Wednesday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert gave a shout out to fans of classical mythology by giving a truly epic (pun intended) insult to Donald Trump.

During his opening monologue, Colbert noted that Trump is currently under scrutiny over both asking the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, and for pulling U.S. forces out of northern Syria and endangering Kurdish allies, apparently at the request of Turkey’s president.

“In the end, Trump may be defeated by his greatest weakness: his Achilles mouth,” Colbert quipped. “It’s all detailed in the epic poem ‘The Idiod.” That of course being a reference to the ancient Greek Trojan War epic “The Iliad,” popularly attributed to the blind poet Homer.

Colbert seemed as impressed with the bit as we were, adding, “Yeah, it’s a Homer joke. It’s the ‘Idiod’ and the ‘Oddity,'” a reference to Homer’s other famous epic, “The Odyssey.”

“That’s just the tip of the dumb-berg,” Colbert continued, referencing a Washington Post report that “Trump’s calls with foreign leaders have long worried aides, leaving some ‘genuinely horrified.;”

“So, these former aides were horrified, but they’re just telling us now? Well, it’s like the signs say, if you see something, say something two years after we could have done anything about it,” Colbert joked.

Watch the bit below: