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Colbert Takes Radical Stance on Trump’s Budget: ‘Children Should Go to the Doctor and Eat’ (Video)

CBS host trashes 2018 plan, which he says ”is filled with brutal, senseless cuts to medical research“

Stephen Colbert trashed President Trump’s recently released 2018 budget, “A New Foundation for American Greatness,” which the CBS host labeled as “grandiose” a title “as calling a grocery list: ‘A Bold Vision for Yogurt and Dog Food.'”

“It turns out he’s building that foundation out of the ground-up bones of poor people,” Colbert continued mocking the financial document, “because this budget cuts things like the food stamp program … and the children’s health insurance program.”

“I know this is an unpopular position these days, but I believe children should go to the doctor and eat,” the “Late Show” personality continued, patting himself on the back for finding the “courage” to take such a stance.

Bold? Yes. Radical? Sure, why not? But that is exactly the kind of hutzpah that gets you to No. 1 in late-night!

Watch Colbert’s Tuesday monologue via the video above.