Stephen Colbert Budgets Trump’s Border Wall: $2 Trillion and 4,800 Deaths (Video)

New security measure would require 20,000 workers, experts say — and 100 million rolls of wallpaper if we want to make it pretty

Last Updated: March 11, 2017 @ 10:09 AM

Stephen Colbert assembled a dream team of legitimate experts Friday to take a realistic look at budgeting President Trump’s proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico.

After crunching the numbers, the group came up with some rough figures. “Rough,” because the total is give-or-take a few hundred billion bucks, and also because they’re brutal numbers.

In concrete alone, a 100-foot-high wall would cost about $2 trillion, the gang figured out together. To get the thing built by the end of Trump’s first term, they’d need about 20,000 full-time workers. With one typical crew of 40 laborers, it would take 742 years.

Unfortunately, a project of this size is dangerous to pull off — especially with the speed promised by our POTUS. One expert said we can probably expect about 100 workers to die per month, so about 4,800 over the entire term.

Colbert also brought-aboard an interior designer, because who wants to stare at a 2,000-foot-long ugly concrete wall? His suggestion? Wallpaper. They’d need 27 million rolls per side — you can double that for the waste that comes from pattern-matching.

Watch the video above.


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