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Colbert Calls House GOP Members ‘D—–bags’ Over ‘Zombie Trumpcare’ Exemption (Video)

”It is just exhausting … watching this man try to accomplish something,“ the ”Late Show“ host jokes on Trump’s first 100 days

Like most of you, Stephen Colbert cannot wait for President Trump’s first 100 days to officially be over — if for no other reason than so we can all finally stop talking about it. Fortunately, Monday will mark that milestone.

“It is just exhausting … watching this man try to accomplish something,” the “Late Show” host quipped on Thursday.

Over the course of his still-young term, Trump’s healthcare bill has been particularly tough to follow in all of its iterations. The Affordable Care Act’s replacement is now being referred to as “Zombie Trumpcare,” as the proposed law is pretty much a shell of its original form.

“Unlike Obamacare, under the new plan, individual states would be allowed to not cover pre-existing conditions,” Colbert explained the proposal’s continued resistance.

“In preparation for this passing — just in case — yesterday, the House GOP exempted themselves from Zombie Trumpcare,” he added, receiving a predictable shower of boos from the studio audience. “Do not be too hard on these guys, you have to understand: They all would have lost their coverage, because being a douchebag is a pre-existing condition for [them].”

Watch the video above.